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Make a goal

Experience the football championship in Europe 2020 exclusively in Roomers Style.

Drink | Eat | Roomers

Winter Wonderland

Welcome to Winter Wonderland Roomers Style!

Party | Roomers | Sleep

Hangover Weekend

You feel like partying? You feel like to chill the next day? All in one at Roomers Munich!

Party | Roomers

Hideaway Weekend

Have you ever dreamed about your own pool party including a bartender and a DJ?

Cosy Time | Roomers | Sleep

Gentlemen’s Agreement

Only sky is the limit. You will meet all stereotypes with this package.


Roomers X Alpha Industries

A unique collaboration with Alpha Industries, Harley Davidson and Toni Mahfud.


The Game

70,000 cheering fans, a vibrant arena, pure excitement and you in the thick of it.