WHere Minds Meet.

Time alone does not write stories –  unique events, however…

Eight conference rooms, a library, a RED event room and restaurant terraces. With space for up to 300 people. From the small business meeting to an event kitchen with its own Chef. No matter what the occasion is, the atmosphere at Roomers inspires and delights. All with the latest technology and complimentary high speed WiFi.

Roomers Hybrid Meetings

Let’s go Hybrid!

Hybrid Meetings

We hold your events no longer just on-site! From now on, your colleagues and partners worldwide can experience the event live, as an online conference, hybrid meeting or streamed event.

Roomers Munich Event Group Offer

We are back

Group Promotion

Together is our favorite place to be! Book our group special and experience an unforgettable time at Roomers.

Roomers Munich Conference Area

Party location

Whether hosting a reception, meeting or a large party Roomers offers the ideal setting for a productive working atmosphere or a dance floor for up to 300 guests.

Our team will be happy to advise and assist you with planning and realisation of your event.

Event Kitchen at Roomers in Munich

Eat. Drink. Enjoy.

A good party always ends in the kitchen! As it is also at Roomers Munich. Whether it’s private dinners, cooking classes or parties, the pots are boiling in our event kitchen. For you and with you.

Take the chance and look over the shoulders of our kitchen team and spice up your event.

26 sqm accommodating up to 20 persons.

We won’t tell a soul

Ready to explore new territories? An extraordinary setting submerged in scarlet-red tones, red wood, soft red paneling and a fully programmable illuminated cassette-ceiling, to transform the RED event room into a mesmerizing private club.

94 sqm accommodating up to 80 persons.

Munich. Meet. Mingle

The unique lobby and adjoining crazy library are the perfect spot to network during a business meeting or retreat in your breaks.

36 sqm accommodating up to 12 persons.

Time to say hello 

The perfect spot to welcome your guests.

50 sqm accommodating up to 15 persons.

Rooms for creativity

Our 4 boardrooms provide the perfect space for intimate meetings, small conferences and think tanks away from the busier parts of the hotel.

Roomers 1: 35 sqm accommodating up to 50 persons
Roomers 2: 24 sqm accommodating up to 20 persons
Roomers 3: 25 sqm accommodating up to 20 persons
Roomers 4: 32 sqm accommodating up to 14 persons

Mix and match: Roomers 2 and Roomers 3 can be connected with our variable partition walls. The total area is 49 sqm accommodating up to 40 persons.

Grand space

The Auditorium is the largest meeting space in Roomers Munich and the perfect setting for conferences, presentations and private events.

Auditorium 1: 56 sqm accommodating up to 70 persons
Auditorium 2: 52 sqm accommodating up to 50 persons
Auditorium 3: 57 sqm accommodating up to 60 persons
Auditorium 1-3: 164 sqm accommodating up to 200 persons

Mix and match: Auditorium 2 and Auditorium 3 can be connected with our variable partition walls. The total area is 109 sqm accommodating up to 110 persons.

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